Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diddy update #5

You can all stop worrying about smashed face syndrome. the dr this morning says Diddy should be fine as long as I don't put the mask on too tight. He also says he likes to call it mid face hyperplasia (not sure about spelling of that), which sounds a lot nicer than the alternative (he may have thrown in a fancy word for mid face too). failing that, my mum has decided that she will pay for plastic surgery for her if she needs it. lol!!! she WONT need plastic surgery, its just my mum trying to make me laugh! actually, funny story - when Jasmine was born ben was in the air flying and my mum took me to hospital. as ben wasnt there mum was the one who cut the cord. Jasmine now has a quite prominent 'outie'. my mum confided in kristy a while ago that she feels so much guilt about jazzys belly button she is going to pay for plastic surgery to have it corrected when she is older. lol. mum was convinced that she must have cut the cord wrong and that is why jazzy has an outie not an innie!!! it has been a running joke in our family ever since. So she is adding Diddy to the plastic surgery fund and had also decided koby needs his ears pinned back.
so I am completely over those dramas. I have managed to let it go!!!
We are leaving tomorrow! YAY!!! I have mixed feelings though. I have become quite attached to 'Sammy' who you may remember from previous posts. I have been mothering her these last few days and it is going to be hard to say goodbye. I asked sammys mum if its ok if I visit her when I leave and she said that is fine. poor little pet is so lonely in here. she spent most of today waiting for her mum to come and visit. her mum didn't make it here till dinner time and by that stage she was beside herself with worry. her mum is lovely. she had kids at home who she can't just leave and lives a long way away. sammy has been in here for months and won't be going home anytime soon.
On a more positive note I have had such a good day today. I havent been upset at all (except when I got teary a few times when sammy was upsett). I am managing to work Diddys cpap well. although really l don't think its anything to be too proud of - it isn't rocket science!!!! basically you put her mask on and press 'on'.
Kylie came up in the morning, and we drank diet cokes and gossiped, then kristy came up, again more diet cokes, yogos and gossiping. then Anne Marie came up with diet coke, noodle box AND baskin & robins!!!!! again more gossiping and laughing.... actually we weren't really gossiping, just chatting away happily.
Yesterday I had Jason, Jo, Melissa and Nicole visit. and the day before con and karen came. that is on top of all the texts, phone calls and facebook messages. I certainly feel very loved.
Anyway, back to reality tomorrow. hopefully we see all our drs early so I can make it to the gym in the arvo. goodness knows I need it after all this laying around eating chocolate!! what do you think the chances are of the ENT specialist, respiratory specialist and cpap lady all coming to see me before lunch time?? I would say slim to none but I have all my fingers and toes crossed!


  1. Im glad to see a more positive term for what could happen to diddy if the mask was too restrictive.

  2. B-you are amazing! Sorry we couldn't be added to your list of visitors. We were camping at Flannigans so I was thinking and praying for you reguarly.
    I would love to come Tues or Wed this week and take or do a few loads of washing for you please.
    Ill talk to you soon. Thanks for keeping us all updated


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