Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carlos Creek at Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Waters Holiday Park, on Carlos Creek is one of my families favourite places to camp.

There is sooo much to do in the local area! From fishing, catching crabs to boating, tubing, swimming, playing in the mud - you are never short of things to do.

The few times I have been have been over Christmas / New Year when it is extremely busy. But it isn't a problem because the grounds are so huge and there is plenty of space for everyone

Carlos Creek runs into Tin Can Bay so it is a perfect spot for the kids to have a dip and also a good spot to put a boat in.

The creek is fairly large and calm so I was quite comfortable letting the children play in the water and row in their little boat. The banks of the creek are quite muddy (I think you will see a pic below of Rohan covered in mud) but that just adds to the fun for the kids!!

There are plenty of midgies and mozzies so if you are quite partial to being bitten then I would suggest taking a LOT of repellent. There is one poor boy we know who goes there every year camping and ends up with six million bites all over him. He has some kind of allergic reaction to the bites. But he loves it so much he won't let that stop him from going!!

I don't find the mozzies to be too bad personally. Nothing that a bit of mozzie spray can't fix. They can become pretty annoying for some people though.

Over Christmas I found the bathrooms to be quite feral (but then I find all bathrooms feral) so I used my own camp toilet/shower. They were also a bit of a hike from where we were camped so I find it easier not to have to take the kids over every time they need to go (which is constantly).

Over all I love Rainbow Waters Holiday Park.
You are so close to Rainbow Beach that it is only a short drive into town to go to the shops or swim at the actual beach. We went 4wding up the beach there and the sand dunes are just beautiful - and tons of fun to play on (or so it looked - personally I don't think there is anything fun about running up a sand hill but each to his own!!!)

Another spot that gets the thumbs up from Bianca!!!!

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