Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andrew Drynan Reserve

Andrew Drynan Reserve is near Rathdowney. We went in the June of 09 and practically had the place to ourselves. This may be because everyone else knew better than to camp in the FREEZING cold. Actually it wasn't as cold as Giraween had been, just one month earlier.

There isn't a lot to do at the actual camp grounds itself. Quite often there will be walking tracks nearby or fishing etc at these camp places, but Andrew Drynan is just one big, big, big open space surrounded by beautiful green rolling mountains. There is a creek near the campsites, but it was a bit of a moo point for us as it was waaaay too cold for swimming.

We went for a few drives and found some 4wd tracks and walking tracks. There is plenty to do in the local area.

But sometimes it is just nice to camp somewhere where you can sit on your rear end and take in the serenity and read a good science mag or book.

I never take many toys camping for the kids as I encourage them to find things to play with. Whether it be collecting rocks or twigs or playing around in the bushes. I would much rather them make their own fun than have to provide it for them. This trip Rohan decided that all his fun laid in the fire pit. We were constantly having to pull him out of it and he spent most of the trip covered in soot and ash. The girls had a wonderful time. They spent most of their day's playing down by the creek with the pebbles or collecting pretty leaves and rocks to 'sell' to us.

I'm not sure that we would go back to Andrew Drynan in a hurry. It was really lovely but there wasn't a ton to do there. Ben has kind of converted me into someone who likes to at least have the option of a hike or two nearby (incase I overdose on marshmallows or strawberry freddos). The creek was also a bit too far away from the campsites. There was a road in between the creek and where we camped and that bothered me a bit. Being the paranoid mother that I am, I don't like to have main roads close to where we are camping.

There is a lot of open space though so if you want to go there for a nice relaxing weekend make sure you take a cricket set and a football.

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