Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Imbil Deer Park

I went to Imbil Deer Park about 2 weeks after my dad died. I wanted to get away for a while and try to escape from what happened. But it didn't work. Camping just gave me more time to process that he had gone and I spent most of the trip in tears.
Ben, who was feeling unusually generous at that time, had taken me shopping to buy all fancy new camping gear in preparation for our trip. We had also invested in a camping trailer to fit all the fancy new camping gear in. But camping just reminded me of my dad and I wondered if we had wasted our money on the camping gear as I didn't think I would ever enjoy camping again. It didn't help that half of our gear had come from my dad. He had purchased a caravan just before he died and given a lot of his stuff away. He gave me a gas cooker, a camp toilet (***thank you so much dad. That has made many a camping trip a million times better being able to avoid using the public loos.***), and numerous other bits and pieces that would reduce me to tears every time I looked at them.
Anyway, I will try to get past all that and actually review the park.
Imbil Deer park was a sensational spot. It was clean and grassy and the creek was just beautiful. We went mid week and it was really quiet and peaceful. The amenities were cleaner than my own at home and there is plenty of activities to do both onsite and nearby.
We mainly spent the time relaxing, swimming, eating, 4wding....
On the last morning we were there Ben told me to take the kids down to the creek for a swim and he would pack up. So off I went with Rohan (who was a baby), Kylah and Jaz. After our dip we decided to head back up to see Ben. Kylah and Jazzy ran ahead, while I followed behind carrying Rohan and the boogie boards. Jazzy stopped suddenly and said to me 'Mum, I stepped on a snake'. Thinking that she couldn't possibly have stepped on a snake I took a few more steps before seeing that she HAD indeed stepped on a snake. "Run up and get Dadd y!!!" I shouted to Kylah. I told Jazzy to stay still. I stood frozen trying frantically to remember the first aide course I had taken only months before. Ben came running down and got a stick to pick the snake up with. It was still alive and he tossed it into the bushes. We checked Jazzy over and amazingly it hadn't bitten her. We think that maybe it was a bit ill or something. You could clearly see where Jazzy had stepped on it.
That was the only eventful thing that happened. No funny stories to tell from that trip!!!
It was officially Kylah's first week of prep when we went and we really enjoyed doing schoolwork with her in the bush. I love, love, love taking our homeschooling on the road. It is so nice to set up a table in a beautiful outdoor setting, or set up a picnic mat in a nice grassy spot do do our work.
Hopefully I will get to go back to Imbil Deer Park sometime soon. It was a lovely spot.

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