Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 Days of Bianca - Day 4

So it is now 11:19pm and after a quick break I am straight back into blogging.

I had a bit of a lucky morning. My brother in law took the girls to Nippers so I was spared the pain of traipsing around the beach with Diddy and Rohan in tow. I did have to be up super early to get them ready though - bummer... no sleep ins for me!!!

I spent the day getting ready for my trip to Sydney. I am driving down on Tuesday with my sister Kristy and her two children plus Rowie and Diddy. Yes, Kristy and I are mad. Travelling to Sydney in a car with 4 children who are 3 and under. Getting ready to go to Sydney involved tackling Mt Washmore. I spent a good 3 hours putting clothes away and packing clothes into the caravan.

Luckily for me my mother in law came around to help with the little ones. I am very fortunate to have a mother in law that I get along with. It made my day so much easier, not having to worry about the younger two.

After a hectic day packing and cleaning I invited my neighbours around for a mexican feast. I managed to cook up a heap of veges for Diddy and vac sealed them in little pouches (just like the ones in the shop!!). After dinner I made a butterscotch pudding and had a twi-night with my neighbour and friend Rach. Twi-nights involve us watching one of the Twilight movies while fiddling on our smart phones and eating rubbish.

It is now 11:26pm and Ben is home from work after spending the weekend in Cairns. I have just finished listening to his riveting opinion on the qantas issues. My main concern with all this hullaballoo is whether or not Ben's job is in jeopardy - which apparently it isn't. So I'm not overly interested. There are much more important things happening at the moment. I can't waste precious energy and brain space thinking about Alan Joyce.

I leave for Syd on Tuesday and before them I have an impossible number of things to do.

Tomorrow I am driving down the Gold Coast to have a mole removed, then driving back home to pick up the caravan, then driving back down the Gold Coast to drop the caravan to Kristy's house, then driving back home to get my stuff, then driving all the way into the Mater Children's in Brisbane to stay the night for one of Diddy's follow up sleep studies. And I have to do school work with Kylah and Jazzy and Mt Washmore is only 50% conquered.

So much to do and all I want to do is zzzzzzzzz.........

Will write Day 5 from hospital tomorrow night!! Hopefully I don't fall behind again.


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