Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 Days of Bianca - Day 3

Craaaaap!!! I am two day's behind already!

It is now 11:02pm Sunday night and I have decided to quickly write this blog because I realised that this is the last opportunity I will have to type my blog out on a computer. From here until the last blog post on day 7 I will be typing from my phone.

Instead of going into why I won't be able to type on a computer I will tell you a bit about our day 3 and leave the rest for tomorrow.

So day 3 of my daily blogging was tremendously busy.

Ben and I managed to stay in bed till 8am that morning. Diddybell slept in till 9:30 like the little angel that she is. Ben and I *layed in bed talking and sending children out of our room periodically when they would come into inquire about breakfast or tv or whatever it is they wanted. What a lovely way to start a Saturday!!!

The relaxing start was not a prelude of what was to come however. We always have extremely busy Saturdays and somehow Ben always manages to be working or unavailable to help out on them (I think he asks qantas to be rostered to work on the kids busiest days - I know I would if I was him!!!). We set off at 9:35 (yes 5 mins after waking Diddy) to go to a 1st birthday party in a nearby park. The kids had a lovely morning running around, eating lollies and playing with the other kids.

We left the party early to head off to dancing. The girls do 3 hours of dance classes on a Saturday. Jazz, Musical Theatre and Ballet. While the girls are at dancing I usually take Rohan and Diddy to my sister Kristy's house.

After dancing I went to visit a friend who is expecting her first baby. It was so lovely to catch up with her and her husband and see her beautiful bump. She is one of those women who looks absolutely SENSATIONAL pregnant (usually I hate those kind of women but I make an exception for Carol because she is so lovely!!!).

After afternoon tea with Carol I took the children to Grandmas for dinner. Spag bol followed by an icecream in the bath (for the kids not me). I then watched Doc Martin with my Gran (a show I have never seen before but which Grandma loves) and helped her use the internet to do some family history research.

I arrived home with the kids at about 10pm and had to lug all 4 of them upstairs, along with the numerous bags of dance outfits, cpap machines, handbags, drink bottles. It took me a good half an hour to get everything in from the car and by that stage I had my second wind and so did Diddybell, who decided that she had had her sleep for the night and was now going to be wide eyed and cute.

So Diddy and I stayed up till 12 watching a show on the human mind. It was actually quite interesting and was all about attention (an area which I am quite impaired in).

Anyway it is now 11:15pm Sunday night and I have finished Saturday's post. Only took me.... 13 minutes!!! AND I still have time to quickly write Sunday's one so I am not behind anymore.

Gotta dash!!!


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