Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Days of Bianca - Day 2

I am sooo tired. I am not going to type much. I am only doing this so I don't fall behind on my 7 day challenge. The last thing I need is to fall behind on something else!!
So this morning I was up at 6 ready to go to the gym. Unfortunately Ben decided to sleep in till 9 so I couldn't go till then. I did some school work with the kids and then left Ben to supervise while I went for my hour and a half break. After the gym, I came home to a house full of screaming kids. Ben had been trying to get them to clean up and was in the process of putting their smurfs in a garbage bag to throw them out. "You can't throw out their smurfs!!!" I exclaimed!!! Ben was adamant that he was throwing them out because he doesn't make empty threats and told them that if they didn't work faster the smurfs would be tossed.
Anyone who knows my children at all will know how much they love their smurfs. It's all I hear about all day long. They have a few smurf toys, which they got from McDonalds, and they play with them CONSTANTLY. I was not letting Ben throw them out. For starters, he was due to leave for work at 11. Conveniently just 15 minutes after tossing the smurfs. I would then have to spend the day and night with 3 sobbing, inconsolable children. So we spent 15 minutes debating (this is probably a very polite way of saying what we were doing) about what to do with the smurfs. In the end I won!!! Of course. The smurfs did not get chucked.
After Smurfgate I spent a good 30 mins sifting through Mount Washmore looking for undies for Rohan. I could not find any so resigned myself to the fact that he would have to spend the day free balling. Rohan ended up completely stripping and spent almost the entire day starkers.
I then set to work on my next task for the day. Making a Rainbow birthday cake for my friends son. I think the cake turned out rather well. It was three tiered and had a rainbow on top made of smarties. I will upload a pic tomorrow. I also made zucchini soup for lunch - and totally stuffed it up!! I don't know what ingredient I forgot... but it wasn't as yummy as it usually is.
In the afternoon I started to pack the caravan in preparation for my upcoming trip to Sydney and spent an hour folding washing.
I have managed to sew SIX badges on Rohan's sleeping bag today. They aren't sewed on very well but they are done.
Anyway I have to go to bed. I am soooo tired and I have a busy day planned for tomorrow.
Sorry if this post is a disappointment to anyone. It isn't interesting or funny or anything really... just me blabbering on about crap.
Oh well - at least I did it!!!!
B xx


  1. You did such a great job on that cake B! And i'm sure those "smuffs" will be forever greatful for you standing up for them! Looking forward to reading day 3 after your weekend break.


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