Friday, February 17, 2012

What I think of Melbourne

Melbourne is amazing!! It is so beautiful and clean. The organisational skills of the melbornians are second to none. Everything around here seems to run like clockwork and is extremely efficient. At first, I couldn't understand the benefit of a tram over a bus, but over the past 24 hours I have come to love and appreciate them immensely.
I was slightly disappointed when we arrived in melbourne. I had booked a limo to take us from the airport to the hotel and had visions of ben and I in the back of a stretch limo making out like giddy teenagers.
You can imagine my dismay when I found out our "limo" was not of the stretch variety, but a fancy chauffer driven bmw. How this differs from catching a cab I will never understand. Rather than making out in the back seat, Ben and I spent the entire time talking to our russian chauffer, who's accent was terribly difficult to understand. I was mildly impressed when he told us the car was worth $400000... but it still seemed like a glorified cab to me!!
We are staying at the Como, whose website advertises that you are likely to bump into stars in the foyer. I am pleased to report that I did bump into a "star" in the lift!!! It was a woman from Neighbours. I think her name on the show is Helen, but I can't be too sure.  Not being a fan of neighbours, I wasn't overly excited. I had chosen the como, because they were the only hotel I could find in melbourne that had a free standing in room spa, and not a "shower over spa", which I find disgusting for many reasons.  So the first thing I did upon entering our room, was fill up the humongous bath in anticipation of a nice, long, hot relaxing spa. Unfortunately, Ben and I differ vastly in our ideas on what constitutes a relaxing bath and my much longed for peace didn't quite turn out as peacefully as I planned. I think Ben may have misinterpreted my desire for an in room spa. But we had fun nonetheless!!!
After an amazing italian dinner, we went to bed for an early night. I drew the curtains so the room would remain pitch black, and was curious to see what time I would wake up if there were no kids, or light to wake me. Fast forward 13 hours and I briefly stirred, when a friend rang my mobile, and was horrified to see that it was 11:30!!!!
Today has been spent wandering all over melbourne. I think Ben and I must have covered at least 10 kms striding through the cbd and browsing through shops.
I really struggle to understand how come the melbornians are not a bunch of fattys. The food here is SENSATIONAL and there are chocolate shops everywhere. I saw an entire shop today dedicated to chocolate sculptures.... unbelievable! If I lived here I would never stop eating...
Ben took me to watch an AFL game tonight, which was certainly an experience. In anticipation of being bored shitless, I had bought along a new scientist magazine to read during the game. When it became too difficult to concentrate on reading, (thanks to the bloke behind us who fancied himself to be a commentator) I switched to asking ben questions, which he very patiently answered. My questions had nothing to do with the rules of the game, for which I have no interest, and instead centred around the water girls "how do they know who's thirsty?", "how do they keep track of who's water bottle belongs to whom?", the umpires "why do you think they would want to be an umpire? Everyone hates them!" and the blokes in the orange uniforms who ben called "the runners".
When I ran out of questions I decided the only thing to do was to get rip roaring drunk, like most other people at the football. I must say that it did improve my enjoyment of the game. The would-be-commentator behind me went from being frightfully irritating to hilarious in a mere 2 drinks!
Unfortunately I sobered up on the long walk & tram ride home so I am not writing this drunk. I really think I would do my best writing while intoxicated... but I guess we will have to find out another time.
Back up in the room we ordered room service, had a nice long bath and relaxed. Gee I love hotels! Last night I was able to ring the concierge to request a latex pillow and tonight I was able to ring up and get food sent up. This is the life!!!! I am having such a wonderful time! I do miss my kiddlywinks though.
Anyway, I am going to sign off now. I am drifting off to sleep as I write and we have a busy day tomorrow.
B xx


  1. That's awesome. You guys deserve the break! Enjoy the rest of your date weekend :)

  2. Melbourne is great........loving that you made peace with the 'would be commentator' hahahaha

    Enjoy your spa ;-)


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