Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 catch up

I'm finally getting around to writing some of my blog.
I have had such a CRAZY few months. So much has gone on that I am completely overwhelmed and blogging about it just seemed like too big a task.
I hit rock bottom tonight. I am not tired at all and everyone else in the house is asleep. So I put the tv on and flicked through channels till I finally settled on "John Edwards". I decided that I should watch to see what all the fuss is about and whether or not I think there is any truth in him having any special abilities. I was completely shocked. I at least expected to be a little bit amazed at his ability. I did not expect to be completely amazed and horrified that he convinces people that he has a special gift. He is fraudulent!!! A complete guesser!!! He made 3 women stand up and he said to them "one of you has lost a mother". They all shook their heads. "Ok, well it might be a mother figure... like an aunt, or a mother in law". Again, heads are shaking. "Maybe it's an ex mother in law?". One of them says "Yes!!!". Are you kidding me???? Then he starts talking about the number 13 being important. The woman says excitedly "oh yes!! my daughter was 13 when she passed". Everyone in the audience looked amazed. I just don't understand how people don't see through him!! He is absolutely full of crap. These woman were in their 50's. I think there is an extremely high chance that one of them has lost a mother/aunt/mother in law/ ex mother in law. I could have predicted that!!!
Sitting in front of the telly marvelling at the rampant stupidity I was suddenly struck by a terrifying thought. I have a vague recollection of signing something that gives permission for my viewing to be used for ratings (I have an IQ box that is able to communicate with foxtel). Me watching his show is helping his ratings. I jumped up in horror and turned off the tv.
What to do on a Saturday night when everyone is asleep and there is nothing of interest on telly? Blog!!!
So I want to start of by telling you all about the 5th best night of my life. If any of you are interested... my first best night was the night Kylah was born (the night I became a mum), followed by the night Diddy was born (the night my family was complete), 3rd best would have to be Rohan's birth, 4th best is the first night I held Jazzy (she was a week old at the time and I hadn't been able to hold her because she was premmie). My wedding night doesn't rate a mention unfortunately. I spent my whole wedding night and then subsequently, my honeymoon, bawling about how much I missed 18 month old Kylah. Ben and I were on a luxury cruise around the Fijian islands and all I wanted to do was look at pictures of Kylah and wonder what she was doing. I think that's why so many people suggest waiting till AFTER you are married to have children. That way, they don't spoil your honeymoon!
Anywho. Back to my story. The fifth best night of my life. Well... My sister Kristy and I fulfilled a life long (actually only about a 9 year long) dream of seeing Eminem in concert!! It was really the perfect day/night. It started out with a sleep in at my Aunty Barb's house. I was kid free and able to get up and eat my breakfast in peace. Kris and I then headed in to our hotel on Oxford St. I was a bit dubious about how clean it would be and extremely worried as I had heard that Oxford St is quite colourful. We cracked a lot of jokes about needing one of those CSI fluro lights to look for bodily fluids on our beds. Much to our delight the hotel was impeccably clean. Crisp white sheets were on the bed and they looked like they had been freshly bleached. There was no trace evidence of any bodily fluids or tiny hairs... anywhere!!
We had a nap and then decided to head up Oxford st to see what we could see. I found my dream shop a mere 50 metre stroll from our hotel. A three level bookstore!!! Bianca heaven!!! I think I spent the rest of the afternoon pouring over books. One level held antique and rare books. I believe that I showed extreme self restraint, only spending a couple of hundred dollars (Ben differs significantly in his opinion of what self restraint is). We then wandered over to the place where the concert was so we could buy our Eminem tshirts to wear to the concert.
Kris and I spend an awful lot of time together... as most of you know. So it makes sense that we have similar tastes and likes. It really shouldn't be surprising that we ended up with the same white, black and red eminem tshirt.
This recount of my night is going on and on and I am starting to get bored typing it. So I'm just going to skip over our dinner and the rest of the afternoon and go straight to the part where we arrived at the concert about an hour before Eminem was to go on. We had hoped to miss the support act but unfortunately didn't time it right. The support act (Lil' Wayne) was everything we suspected he would be. CRAP. He used the words "Muther F*c!er" in every sentence he sang (can you call it singing???). He even had one song where he sang "I want to F* every girl in the world" over and over again. It was painful. I wanted to pour hot wax in my own ears to block out the auditory assault. Kristy and I passed the time by watching drunk people and quietly making fun of them.
There was a group of guys in front of us smoking pot... not so subtly. Then there was the boy, who appeared to be about 13 or 14, drunk and vomiting all over the seats. He then preceded to the water fountain and spewed in there. Bogans, bogans everywhere. I began to wonder what I was doing. And then he came on.
Eminem was everything I had hoped he would be. His concert was awesome. We danced and sang and jumped up and down. We fist pumped and cheered and squealed. I got so excited that I hardly noticed the massive wet patch on my shirt from leaking breast milk. I should have pumped before the concert!!! It really was a perfect night.
Back home reality hit hard. I arrived home the day before my baby Didabell turned one. Consequently, when I arrived home I was thrust in to a mass of party planning, Christmas planning and dance concert planning. I hardly had a minute to think!!
To say we went overboard for Diddy's birthday is a bit of an understatement. We went COMPLETELY ott for her birthday. Actually, I shouldn't say WE as Ben didn't really have any say in me obsessively planning her perfect party.
It was nursery rhyme themed. I hired a storyteller to entertain the children and ordered costumes from America. It was probably the most effort I have ever put in to planning a party. But it was worth it!! I believe that the children's birthday's are mostly a celebration of the parent's efforts in making it through the year. My children are just super lucky that I like nothing more than to see them spoiled rotten - or else I would probably just buy myself things every time they had a birthday.
Christmas came and went.... I really don't think you all need to know about all the details of my last few months. I was crazy busy... put it that way.
So now we are almost at the end of January. Ben and I are in the process of deciding whether to sell our house and buy acreage now, or to wait 5 years and keep our house AND buy acreage. My thoughts on the matter are do it now... but I don't really care too much either way to lose sleep over it. Ben meanwhile, has been busying himself making spreadsheets that will predict our financial position in 2047 given each scenario. I am not kidding. 2047. I don't know why he has chosen that year. He has even built in different assumptions and adjusted them accordingly to see which is the safer and smarter option. (I wonder if he factored in the possibility of me throwing his lap book underneath our 4wd as he is backing up the driveway one day???) I have given him full reign's on the decision to move now or later. It is kind of fun watching the decision making in progress. Maybe this is how Ben feels when he watches those cricket matches that go on for weeks?? Back and forward and so mind numbingly boring but captivating nonetheless.
Ben loves his spreadsheets and budgets. You should see the budget he has in place for us. It is the most elaborate and complicated budget I have ever seen and I'm sure it would rival budgets for big corporations in it's design and complexity. Trouble is... I am useless at budgets. So Ben spends hours adjusting the budget to allow for my spending spree's and frequently calls me in to the study to discuss how he can't make the budget balance because I spent lots of $$$ at a bookstore and there isn't a column in the budget that allows for such spend ups. I always sit there wide eyed and innocently nod and promise profusely that I will never do it again. Ben is such a patient man. There is no yelling or fighting. He just explains to me how..... actually I'm not sure what he explains because it's at that point that I switch off start wondering about dinner, or the tv, or what I'm doing tomorrow). The apologetic and angelic expression remains fixed on my face until he is done. I then excuse myself and usually cook him something really nice for dinner.
Anyway I am going to have to sign off now. I am starting to get sleepy so might go upstairs and read my new book. I will just quickly add a few pics from Diddy's bday.
B xx

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