Monday, September 8, 2014


Ok.  Day 1 of writing daily (to increase my audience so when I finally finish my book - which will be delayed because I have to blog everyday - I have a million followers on my blog chomping at the bit to buy my book) and I am stuck for ideas.  

I really don't know how blogging regularly is supposed to increase my followers.  I've written over 100 posts since I first created my blog and have religiously and shamelessly promoted them on my own Facebook, my husbands Facebook & my sisters Facebook, and I still have the 14 followers I had to begin with (2 of them are my husband and sister so I'm not sure that counts).

So what am I going to write about?  Nothing. 

Yep.  Nothing happened today out of the ordinary.  I have nothing to say.  

I do have a really huge whinge about Coles I would like to get off my chest but I think I'll refrain as the last few posts have made me sound really whinny and negative (even though the posts where I whinge are my most popular ones - I think I am gifted in the art of whinging).

Alright, this is stupid.  I'm wasting time trying to think of things to write on this blog when what I really want to be writing is, my novel.  I think I'll leave you all.  The advice I received on blogging everyday offered no insight into how much you had to write everyday to attract followers so I'm assuming that something is better than nothing.  Let's see how many daily posts it takes to attract a new follower.  

Someone has to feel sorry for me eventually!!!!

B xx

P.S.  Just a little tid bit of information about my new book - I've invented new words :-)
I'm sure they will take off because I am such a #trendsetter

P.P.S.  I've been tweeting constantly to attract more twits and I haven't had a single person follow me.  Being popular is hard work!! :-/  

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