Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back on the Blog

I’m back!!!!  I know I was awol for most of 2013 but I do have some sensational excuses.  


Firstly, since Ben capped me at 4 children, I have had to fill my aching uterus with farm animals and baby seedlings.  Unfortunately, caring for all the animals and plants left me with no time whatsoever.  I just don’t understand how I used to manage- pre acreage that is.  I would go out all the time, educated my children, cooked meals, socialised, drove the kids to 65 squillion activities a week and still managed to squeeze in at least 2 hours of telly a night.  I just don’t understand where I found the time to do all that!!


Now I have no spare time.  From the moment I wake up someone or something wants something from me.  A typical day will see me rising at 6am.  It takes me a full hour and a half to stumble around the house (usually searching for a diet coke) to feed the kids breaky.  Diddy and Rohan usually have 3 courses each.  This morning tiny, little Diddybell had 2 weetbix, 1 piece of raisin toast, a banana and then sausage stew on toast (which is a lot tastier than it sounds!!).  Wait – that’s FOUR courses!!  I then had to cook Kylah eggs.  She likes hers boiled.  Jazzy requested sausage stew on toast with fried eggs.  This is all while I was half asleep!!  


I then spend the day either teaching the kids, cooking, tending to animals, washing or gardening.  


I try to get the kids to look after the animals as much as I can.  Kylah is great with them.  She feeds the horse, pig and tends to the dogs.  Jazzy’s job is to care for the Chicken’s and baby chicks.  Although I am the one who constantly has to hose the chicken poo off our outside area.  5 acres of grass to crap on and they prefer to do their business right on our doorstep.  Rohan is supposed to care for the pig but for some strange reason Moo, our pig, has a liking for me (I think he can sense that we share an innate love of food).  I’m the only one that he will walk nicely on a lead for.  We need to spend at least two hours a day walking him around while he eats grass.  He is such a little bugger.  If we leave him to free range he gets into so much mischief!!  


Diddy’s only job, so far as I can tell, involves torturing the poor animals with love and ‘kindness’.  2 chickens have sadly perished while being a part of Diddy’s elaborate games.  They really were killed with kindness…..  She loves them to pieces.  Maybe just a little too much though.  When they decide that they no longer want to play her games and try to run away she will put one of them in an animal feed bin, so they can’t get away.  Poor little things died of fright!!


The dog’s fare much better with Diddybell’s games.  They patiently ‘sit’ when she tells them to and ‘fetch’ when she tells them to.  They even put up with her trying to dress them and do their hair.  It’s quite funny to watch Diddy bossing a big German Shepherd around.  The horse is none too fond of Diddy’s games.  Poor little thing copped a kick from Kelvin, our horse, when she tried to force feed him playdough.  


All that, on top of hand watering a humongous vege garden left me with no time.


Last year I also became a bit of a recluse.  My friends jokingly called me a ‘hermit’.  I really don’t cope well with change and making such a huge move and completely changing my lifestyle really took it’s toll on me.  There were many changes last year.  


I particularly found friendships the most challenging.  I’ve never had a problem with friends before so I don’t manage issues very well.  I’m a ‘keep the peace’ type person.  But I had to make a few very difficult decisions last year and some friendships ended because of them.  I knew that I would be sacrificing a friendship if I made these particular decisions but at the time I felt like I had no choice.  I don’t regret anything I’ve done.  The only regret I have is taking so long to move on and spending so many hours analysing things.  


Someone once told me that you have friends for a reason or a season or a lifetime.  I’ve always thought I was more of a ‘lifetime’ type person but maybe I’m not.  


I hope this blog isn’t making me sound better than I actually am.  For all of you marvelling at how much I squeeze into a day:  STOPRIGHT NOW.  My house looks like a bomb has exploded in it…. most of the time.  It is usually clean for the 3 minutes prior to visitors coming over.  The other night, as a surprise for Ben, I thought I would have the house all clean and tidy for when he came home.  I cooked dinner and then shouted orders at the kids to clean up while I vacuumed and mopped.  The kids helped happily and it wasn’t until it was all finished that Diddy asked ‘Is Nanny coming over?’.  ‘No’ I replied.  ‘Well who is coming over?’ asked Rohan.  ‘No one!!  Mummy does sometimes clean of my own accord you know!!!!’ I yelled at my puzzled children.  


Actually I clean a lot.  It’s just keeping things clean that is my problem.  I am such a scatter brain… it never crosses my mind to pick something up.  I am in awe of people who put something straight away after they have finished with it.  Firstly, I never know if I’ve finished with something so it would be impossible for me to put it away.  The fine line between using and not using is constantly blurred for me.  Quite often I am mid task when I remember a more interesting task and jump ship or simply decide I’m bored with the current task and that I will get back to it in a sec as soon as I have half done about 6 other things.  


One things for sure is life is certainly not boring here on Nobel Acres (yes I’m still trying to get that name to stick).  


Anyway one of my goals for 2014 was to keep up the blog.  Not because I think you’ve all been missing me terribly… but because I like the idea that this is a permanent record for my future descendents to read.  I think I only have about 10 followers on this blog, which is a lot more than I have on twitter.  I only have SIX twitter followers.  I am #verysad.  I tweet all the time and no one reads them.  


Anyway I should go to bed.


B xx



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  1. Don't offer a menu for breakfast Bianca, . It's much easier when they get older and get their own. Joel made himself pancakes this morning. Great to see you are adapting well to acreage. Can't wait to visit next time I'm up. xxx


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