Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mt Barney Lodge

Mt Barney Lodge has to be my favourite place to camp near Brisbane.  It is right up the road from another campsite that I have previously written about (Flanagan Reserve) but apart from sharing geographical proximity, these two campsites are polar opposites. 

Mt Barney Lodge is extremely picturesque.  From the impeccibly manicured lawns to the beautiful native trees and gardens this camp ground is visually stunning in every way.  Our caravan had an amazing view of Mt Barney (pictured to the left) 

One of the best things about Mt Barney Lodge is the programs they have for the kids.  During the holidays they run kids adventures.  Proper adventures.  Kids night walks, bush kids, lantern making, rock climbing and guided walks - to name a few. 

Last year I approached the owners to see if they would run some mid-week activities for my homeschooling friends. They were more than happy to oblige and put together an awesome program.  The kids loved their time there so much that we decided to return there this year and have plans to return again!!  

I wasn't sure that Innes and Tracey (the owners) would be able to top last years camp but amazingly they did - and then some!!! 

As it was my son Rohans' birthday while we were camping, I approached Innes about him running a 'man vs wild' themed party for my son.   We are not talking about serviettes and lolly bags with Bear Grylls face printed on them - I wanted a full on adventure that the kids would really enjoy.  

At the party, the kids were given 'ration packs' (boxes filled with party treats) and sent on their merry way with Innes and his two assistants.  Their first call of duty was to hunt for worms - a 5 year old boys' favourite activity!!!!  They then set off to find some sticks they could use as fishing rods.  After sanding their fishing rods with sand-paper fig and attaching some line and their worms, the kids all sat around the creek talking, eating lollies and fishing.  It was the perfect party for Rohan.  The kids all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I didn't feel like I wanted to gauge out my own eyes after it was all over (as is normal for me after a kids party).  The kids did not bring home any dinner.... but there were plenty of nibbles from fish and the kids did not seem to mind too much that they didn't catch anything. 

Innes and the kids attaching the worm to the rod.

Fishing in the creek.

The kids pondering life while fishing.  

One of the best things about camping with other home-schoolers is watching the beautiful connections your children make with other home-schooled children.  Of course I was camping with some of my bestest friends, but there were also lots of other new families that we met and the kids all bonded very quickly. 
 At the bottom of the camp grounds at Mt Barney is a stunning creek.  I have included a picture of Kylah swinging from the 'tarzan' rope into the water.  Even though the nights are getting to be a bit chilly this time of year (April), the day's are beautiful and warm and perfect for swimming, hiking and adventuring.  

It really is excellent value for money. Clean amenities and beautiful surrounds - make sure you put this on the top of your list of campsites to visit!!!!

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