Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Horn Island Communal Email - mental health day

Date:  August 2002

Yesterday I had a mental health day (otherwise known as a sickie) and I'm feeling brilliant.  Jacqui** (who also had a mental health day) and I went to our little private beach and stayed their all day drinking Pina Colada's and soaking in the sun. 

The beach we go to is completely private and is absolutely amazing.  On one side of the beach there are all these rocks that go out about 20 meters.  If you carefully walk along them you find yourself in the middle of the ocean (slight exaggeration).  I stand on them and look at all the tiny dotted islands around me and sing at the top of my lungs while practicing my hula.  It is very Karmatic. 
 I had to be careful not to get any visible parts of my body burnt as it would not go down too well if I came to school after having a sickie with a sunburnt face.  So consequently I am sitting here with third degree burns to my stomach, back and nipples wishing to god that I could have another mental health day today.  Serves me right I guess.  What goes around comes around.

 Love  Bianca

**Not real name.  Jacqui's name has been made up to protect the identity of the person I was with!!

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