Monday, August 29, 2011

Mataranka downgraded - Edith Falls is the best place in Earth!!

Looking around at the dry, barren, arid scrub that is all over the Northern Territory it is hard to imagine that you will find ANYTHING of interest in this place. Then out of nowhere you will find something so spectacularly beautiful you are completely astounded and gobsmacked.

This happened the other day. We had arrived in Katherine and apart from the gorge, I didn't think there would be much else to see. We had a spare day so we decided to go for a drive to Edith Falls for a picnic and maybe a swim. When we got there I was a bit disappointed by the dismal little waterfall and sign saying that salt water crocs can enter the swimming area but that they lay traps to try to catch them (just for your info the traps are these giant cages with a bit of chicken dangling at the end. Crocodiles are one of the worlds oldest animals... they survived whatever it was that wiped out the dinosaurs. I hardly think they would have survived this long if they were immensley stupid so I don't understand how they think the crocs will fall for their little trap). After reading the sign I was a tad pissed off. There was no way I was entering the water and there was no way my children were either.

Well unfortunately Ben and the kids had other ideas. Wild horses (or me standing well back from the edge frantically trying to persuade them that they will probably lose a limb - or worse) couldn't stop them from jumping in the water.

I consoled myself by siting with Diddy on a picnic mat eating lunch... annoyed that Ben had let them swim.

When they finally got out of the water someone suggested we go for a hike. I was happy to do anything that didn't involve my children swimming in water that MAY contain crocodiles. So off we set - climbing up a mountain over rocks in scorching heat with flies buzzing everywhere.

I did not believe for a second that this little track would take us anywhere even remotely exciting.... let alone the most beautiful place I have ever seen. But it was!!! I could not believe it as I turned the final corner on the rim of the mountain I saw paradise.

HERE was Edith Falls. The trickle at the bottom picnic area was nothing compared to the powerful waterfall and swimming hole we had discovered. It was so picturesque... I can't describe adequately how beautiful it was. There was a huge waterfall and swimming pools filled with sparkling water.

After our long, hot walk we couldn't get in the pools fast enough. I missed out on having a swim because I had left Diddy with mum and promised to be back within an hour and a half. Diddy would be due for a sleep then and mum doesn't know how to work her machine or put the mask on.

I was so pleased that I made the effort to go. Even though I didn't get to stay very long or swim I still got to take some amazing pics. And I got to enjoy the silence on my hike back to the picnic area instead of being surrounded by a chorus of 'I'm hungry... I'm thirsty...I need to do a wee... my feet hurt...'

Anyway... I am now about 5 days behind on my blog so I'm going to cut this one short so I can do a quick catch up one. There is a rumour that we may get some coverage tomorrow. I am so excited!!!!!!

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